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Cinderfella was held May 11 as ten senior boys competed for the title of the 2016 Miss Cinderfella. Finalists included Robert Brooks, Zach Burney, Brandon Patterson, John Whiteside and Aaron Spells.

Junior Kelsie Hansmire was one of the students in the audience who laughed along throughout the performances.

“I wish I was a boy so I could have entered,” Hansmire said. “Just kidding, but it looked like so much fun. It was one of the highlights of the school year.”

Brandon Patterson, the winner of the pageant performed a choreographed dance routine, wore a striking black and white dress as well as a fitting tennis uniform.

“I think my dance is what won the judges over,” Patterson said. “I danced as a ballerina to a song from the nutcracker and my jumps were definitely the best in the competition. The judges must have really like me and my amazing talents.”

Due to scheduling conflicts, the contest was thrown together last minute, but the boy’s creativity made it seem like they knew exactly what they were doing.

“I was very impressed with the outcome,” senior Kaitlyn Hickman said. “The whole competition was very thrown together and I expected it to be extremely unorganized. None of the guys even got to do a run-through before the show, but they were all so creative. I knew it would be funny simply because there were a ton of guys in dresses, but I did not expect the contest to turn out that great. The whole thing was absolutely hilarious.”

John Whiteside won the people’s choice award along with his tag-along stuffed sheep.

“The people made the right choice,” Whiteside said. “I was definitely the most qualified for this honor due to my extreme beauty and my pageant skills.”



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Dude looks like a lady