Spotlight on Ms. Boatman

Jaclynn Pierce, Reporter

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Ms. Boatman is the new Algebra I and Pre-AP Algebra II teacher. She graduated from Comanche High School in 2008 and she has taught at three other schools before CHS.

1. What inspired you to pursue teaching at such  a young age?

“I feel that being young is an advantage because I can relate to my students. I love what I do and I love being around kids. As they learn, I learn, which brings me great amounts of joy.”

2. Where did you attend college?

“I attended Texas State University.”

3. Do you have any siblings?

“Yes, three actually. I have Joe, my younger brother, and Cassidy and Audrey, my younger sisters.”

4. Was teaching your first career choice?

“No, actually my first career choice was nursing, but I fell in love with teaching so that’s what I pursued.”

5. Do you plan on pursuing a higher education?

“I have been considering aiming for my masters in math because I hope to one day teach at the collegiate level.”

6. Do you feel welcome here at Comanche ISD?

“Yes! This is my third school to teach at and by far the most welcoming.”


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  1. Shawn Tucker on August 30th, 2016 6:39 am

    Way to go. Two thumbs up. Keep a positive attitude sweet pea.


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