Think twice before purchasing iPhone 7

Think twice before purchasing iPhone 7

Austin Hagood, Reporter

On September 7,  Apple has announced the new iPhone 7. Pre-ordering begins on September 9, and delivery starts on September 16.

In this writer’s opinion, it is an overpriced piece of garbage.

It starts at $649 for the standard version. This is much too expensive, even with the 7’s impressive specs. If you want the larger iPhone 7 Plus, it starts at the insane price of $769. For comparison purposes, for that much you could buy two PlayStation 4s and still have money left over.

They also removed the headphone jack which is a very dumb move. Sure, you can use an adapter to plug your ear buds in, but this requires the phone’s USB port to not be in use.  Want to charge your phone and listen to music? Too bad, you have to buy Apple’s $159 wireless Airbuds, sold separately and ridiculously easy to lose.

As someone who has always been an Android guy, this doesn’t affect me much, but it ensures I will not be buying an Apple product at any time in the future.