I get by with a little help from my friends

Seniors offer advice to underclassmen

Jaclynn Pierce and Kimberly Bills

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Freshmen  are always easy to spot coming down the halls those first few weeks of school. They often looked confused, scared, and unsure of themselves.  Since it can be tough to transition from the junior high to the high school, the staff at The Smoke Signal thought it might be helpful to get a bit of advice from those who have survived the four years of chaos and fun that is called high school–the seniors.

As the 2016-2017 school year gets underway, here are some friendly pieces of advice for the underclassmen from the class of 2017 to help make life at CHS just a little bit smoother.
To start off on a lighthearted note, Molly Stephens made sure to remind the freshmen they will often experience two emotions–stress and hunger.

“Always bring snacks and don’t get in a habit of not doing your homework,” Stephens said. “It’s stressful enough just keeping up with all your assignments as it is.”

Many other seniors also advised the freshmen to avoid procrastination in order to have a more organized school year.

“Don’t put your homework off till the end,” senior Judith Villarreal said.

Another senior Angel Garza echoed this as well.

“I’d advise them to work hard early on so that it’ll carry out through their senior year,” he said.

Still other seniors offered words of social encouragement to the underclassmen to be themselves and avoid the pit falls of peer pressure.

“Be true to yourself and truthful to others and you’ll have nothing to worry about,” Caitlyn Williams said.

Ultimately, Bryce Masingill emphasized just how tough those four years of high school can be.

“Study hard and don’t give up,” he said.

Simple advice for any freshman just trying to get by.

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I get by with a little help from my friends