Seniors receive more than $1.3 million in scholarships

Austin Hagood, Reporter

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More than $1.3 million dollars was given away to CHS seniors at the annual scholarship banquet on May 15.

Many generous individuals and businesses were on hand to recognize many from the class of 2017.

Senior Kimber Bills received scholarships from Durham Pecans, the Comanche Education Foundation, Noon Lion’s Club, and the Future Stage Performers.

“I was extremely surprised and thrilled upon receiving so many scholarships,” Bills said. “I would have been thankful to even receive one.”

Kayden Frazier also received several scholarships such as the Steve Clemons/Area Go Texan and Coach Gene Westmoreland Memorial.

“I plan to further my education with an ag business degree at Tarleton,” Frazier said. “This money will go a long way to help me reach my goals.”

Below is a complete list of all scholarship recipients.


Recipient & Amount

Marguerite Ross Scholarship



Ali Cotten $500

Molly Stephens $500


First United Methodist Endowment (Archie & Neta Boyd Scholarship)



Hunter Ellis $500

Leticia Esquivel $500

Angel Garza $500

Daniel Pina $500

Carly Mazurek $1000

Jackson Albert Dudley Memorial Scholarship


Ethan Wilson $1000
Comanche National Bank Scholarship







Molly Stephens $300

Carly Mazurek $300

Zackary Johnson $300

Angie Evans $500

Grayland Jackson $500

Hunter Ellis $500

Libby Latham $500

Carrissa Cole $500

Collin Davis $500

Dr. James Quast Memorial Scholarship



Angie Evans $1000

Grayland Jackson $1000


Ray Johnston Memorial Scholarship



Jeffrey Abbey $1000

Casey Beaty $1000

Hope Masonic Lodge #481 Scholarship



Vanessa Hooper $500

Eduardo Rios $500

Zackary Johnson $500

RWR Collision Center Scholarship



Jonathan Gomez $600
Comanche Athletic Booster Club Scholarship




Ethan Wilson $500

Molly Stephens $500

Casey Beaty $500

Ty McCullough $500

Angel Garza $1000

Mia Alvarado $1000

Ali Cotten $1000

Texas Bank (James & Dorothy Doss Foundation)



Jeffrey Abbey $1000

Daniel Pina $1000

Kasandra Ibarra $1000


Ronnie Hilliard Memorial Scholarship


Kayden Frazier $250

Lizzy Stewart $250

Sean McCrory Memorial 4-H Scholarship


Kayden Frazier $250

Lizzy Stewart $250

Joshua Kirk Mazurek Memorial Scholarship



Daniel Pina $500
Kiwanis Scholarship




Angie Evans $300
Kyle Christopher Hall Memorial Scholarship



Ty McCullough $500
Comanche Youth Council Scholarship



Mia Alvarado $500
Pratt Family Scholarship




Ty McCullough $500
“Hardworking Guys” Scholarship



Alan Schulte $1000

Jaden Pyburn $1000


Triple X Farms Agriculture Scholarship



Casey Beaty $1000


Durham Pecan Company Academic Scholarship



Kimberly Bills $1500 + $500

Kayden Frazier $1500 + $500

Koster Dairy Scholarship



Hunter Ellis $500

Casey Beaty $500

Future Stage Performers Award


Kimberly Bills $250

Jennifer Duran $250

Zackary Johnson $250

Lizzy Stewart $250

TFWC Heritage Club Scholarship



Maritza Lopez $300
Bill Koenig Memorial Scholarship




Collin Davis $1000


James Fritts Dairy Queen Scholarship



Andrew Garcia $500

Jonathan Gomez $500

Coach Gene Westmoreland Scholarship


Kayden Frazier $500
Medford G. & Marie L. Stephens Scholarship


Christopher Allen – $1,000

Mia Alvarado – $1,000

Casey Beaty – $1,000

Carrissa Cole – $1,000

Ali Cotten – $1,000

Collin Davis -$1,000

Hunter Ellis – $1,000

Angel Garza – $1,000

Grayland Jackson – $1,000

Libby Latham – $1,000

Ty McCullough – $1,000

Molly Stephens – $1,000

Hochheim Prairie Insurance Scholarship



Maritza Lopez $800


Goodson Memorial Scholarship



Carly Mazurek $750

Jeffrey Abbey $750

Hunter Ellis $750

Dr. William A. Hill Animal Science Scholarship



Hunter Ellis $1000
Dr. Russell C. Reynolds Leave A Legacy



Vanessa Hooper $500


Comanche County Art Association



Carrissa Cole $200
Comanche FFA Booster Club Scholarship




Clayton Martin $750

Libby Latham $1000

Hunter Ellis $1000

Jeffrey Abbey $2000

Molly Stephens $2000

CHS Band Boosters






Brannan Kolb $75

Stephanie Davila $300

Hunter Ellis $300

Angie Evans $300

Kayden Frazier $300

Libby Latham $300

Manuel Ramon $300

Jacob Tucker $300

Kendle Coan $300

Megan Williams $300

Noon Lions Club


H.R. Jefferies: Cris Lopez $400

Dr. Calhoun: Kimberly Bills $400

Jim Wilkerson: Grayland Jackson $400

Charles Beavers Memorial Scholarship



Pedro Bernal $400
Comanche Electric Cooperative Association (CECA) Scholarships



Operation Round-Up: Hunter Ellis $1000

Scholarship for Excellence: Angie Evans $1000

West Central Wireless Scholarship



Eric Gutierrez $500
Higginbotham Brothers Scholarship of Excellence



Veronica Davila $1000
Comanche Educational Foundation




Zackary Johnson $2500

Grayland Jackson $2500

Collin Davis $2500

Carly Mazurek $3000

Hunter Ellis $3000

Kimberly Bills $3000

Carrissa Cole $3500


Stewart Family Scholarships:

Oscar Duran $500

Carly Mazurek $500

Leticia Esquivel $500

Joseph Rivera $500

Peggy & Jim Golden Memorial Scholarship




Grayland Jackson $500

Molly Stephens $500

Area Go Texan






Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo-Area Go Texan: Angel Garza $20,000

HLSR Exhibitor: Libby Latham $20,000


Steven N. Clemons Memorial/Comanche County Area Go Texan:

Molly Stephens $1000

Kayden Frazier $1000

Indian Creek Farms Agriculture Scholarship



Pedro Bernal $500
 Other Scholarships:  
Terry Foundation


Angie Evans $100,000 (full ride)
Texas Christian University Angie Evans $260,000 (full ride)
National Hispanic Scholar Angie Evans $14,000
Valedictorian Scholarship Angie Evans-$6000
Ft. Worth Scottish Rite Foundation Angie Evans $1500
Baylor University Angie Evans $100,000
Southern Methodist University Angie Evans $100,000
Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizen Award Angie Evans $250
University of Texas at Austin Angie Evans $1000 (Texas Exes)

Grayland Jackson $1000 (Texas Exes)

Grayland Jackson $48,800 (UT Scholarship)

Colorado School of Mines Grayland Jackson $80,000
University of North Carolina at Greensboro Connor Allen:

UNCG Scholarship $16,000

Blue & Gold Spartan Award $12,000

Texas Electric Cooperative Casey Beaty $850
University of Texas at Arlington Carrissa Cole $8000
Texas A&M University Hunter Ellis $20,000

Angie Evans $10,000

Texas Tech University Angie Evans $30,000

Angel Garza $4,000

Angelo State University Carr Scholarships Jennifer Duran $4,000

Jacob Tucker $4,000

Michael Tucker $8,000

Angel Garza $8,000

Eric Gutierrez $8,000


Angelo State University LeGrand Scholarship Carly Mazurek $1000
Abilene Christian University Eric Gutierrez $44,000
Heart of Texas Fair & Rodeo Molly Stephens $750
Texas High School Rodeo Scholarship Kayden Frazier $750
San Antonio Livestock Show & Rodeo Molly Stephens $8,000

Kayden Frazier $10,000

Our Lady of the Lake University Jennifer Duran $38,000
Hill College Brianne Davis $5,000
Cisco College Wrangler Band Kendle Coan $10,000
Howard Payne University Zackary Johnson: $60,500

Jaden Pyburn: $60,000

Megan Williams: $72,500

Hardin-Simmons University-Big Country Scholarship Zackary Johnson $44,000


Rogers State University Lizzy Stewart $500
Reach for a Difference Michael Tucker $500
Small Schools Academic Competition Grayland Jackson $165

Clayton Martin     $165

Brannan Kolb     $165

Angie Evans    $248

Gaby Sanchez  $248.

Zackary Johnson  $248.

Skills USA District 10 Officer Scholarship Andrew Garcia $200

Jonathan Gomez $200

Cristofer Lopez $100

Tarleton State University Angel Garza:

Tarleton Pride Schol $4,000

Leon B. Stinton $4,000

Casey Beaty:

Cross Timbers School Development Scholarship $500

Association for Migrant Educators of Texas Daniel Pina $1000
Tarleton Upward Bound Daniel Pina-PASS $800.00

Jonathan Gomez-UB Bridge $800.00

Cristofer Lopez –UB Bridge $800.00

Judith Villarreal –UB Bridge $800.00




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Seniors receive more than $1.3 million in scholarships