Cripples win Senior Fun Night


Chloe Williams, Reporter

The senior class participated in the annual senior fun night scavenger hunt on Thursday, Oct. 31.

Seven teams formed groups and created their own shirts and flags to represent themselves. Each team had to run around the school and solve riddles and find clues. The Cripples made up of Chloe Williams, Kenia Hernandez, Colton Davis, Landrie Day, Harvey Constancio, and Braxton Patterson  finished the scavenger hunt first and earned the right to hang their flag in front of the school on Friday, Nov. 1.

(Placings as listed)

  1. Cripples
  2. Trump Train
  3. The Mystery Gang
  4. Tribe
  5. The Boo Crew
  6. Boo Who
  7. Meme Team

“The scavenger hunt was fun and when you have teammates that make it fun and are all friends, its a great time,” Williams said.

Trump Train 2020, which consisted of Macey Brawley, Vicki Lopez, Carly Rodriguez, Ryan Stephens, Jeron Conine, Cordell Fishback and John Gilliam, placed second.

“I had a lot of fun,” Rodriguez said. “I was a little upset that we [Trump Train] lost, but that’s all a part of competing. It was fun making memories with all of my friends and it was a night to remember for sure.”

Following the scavenger hunt, the senior class officers lit the CHS and the Class of 2020 ran the traditional 20 laps around it at the annual community wide pep-rally.