Nation Honors Society, Stephen F. Austin Chapter

Elizabeth Hancock, Reporter

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National Honors Society (NHS) is a committee held at the high school for juniors and seniors. NHS is meant for the kids that go above and beyond to excel in and outside of school by meeting the 4 pillars: scholarship, leadership, character, and service. 

To qualify, the student most meet a 91 GPA average in all core classes, be enrolled in Pre-advanced placement, advanced placement, and honors classes, and must compete in at least 2 academic competitions of UIL or certain FFA qualifications. Then, they must hold some form of leadership position in their class, whether it be a student council member, cheer, sports, or theater. Along with those two, they are then examined by a teacher committee for their character and how they behave in a school setting, so being irresponsible, disrespectful, and having a bad attitude can be a factor in not being considered for NHS. The final pillar is service; Community service is expected for all incoming inductees, but after induction, members required to receive at least 10 hours worth of community service.

The current members consist of Gracey Shulte, president, Macey Brawley, secretary, Cordel Fishback, reporter, Victoria Lopez, vice president, Vianey Rangel, treasurer, Sofia Jiminez, Mary Mormon, and Dexter Young.

“It was such an honor to be voted Vice President of NHS by my fellow peers” NHS vice president Victoria Lopez said. “It’s a great role to be V.P. of NHS, because of the available scholarship opportunities that will be offered when I graduate. I hope this year we will help out the community and raise money for our schools.”

The new inductees consist of seniors Judith Moreno, Jeron Conine, Chloe Williams, and Marlen Herrera along with juniors Reade Barber, Aaron Barnett, Suren Bhakta, Rylee Deters, Elizabeth Hancock, Alize Lopez, Jason Pate, Taelon Sorrells, and Sharon Victoria. 

“I am elated to have been accepted into the National Honor Society” new inductee Reade Barber said. “I will do my best to represent the pillars that is founded upon so that I may do the best that I can to improve our community. I also hope that by being in the NHS, the college that I want to go to (UT Dallas) will look more seriously at my application.”